The spiritual aspect of our school is the most important part of our morning routine. We begin our day with prayers for those in need, for our loved ones, and for each other. We introduce spiritual values of the Bible through verse memorization and biblical stories. Children learn stories of the Old Testament as well as study the life of Jesus. Scripture references are used throughout the day, especially when redirecting behavior and reinforcing good choices.

Beginning Phonics
We learn the letters of the Alphabet and the Sound that letter makes. The curriculum is also designed to teach early writing skills. Children learn letter formation and practice hand-eye coordination as they glue items to the letter shapes, and trace over the letters.

Math and Skills Development
Children will learn math skills including counting to 20, eye-hand coordination, dot-to-dot, coloring, thinking and reasoning, and listening skills. The children are also introduced to the concepts of numbers, shapes, pairs, opposites, the sequence of events,and items which are alike and different. There is a focus on the awareness of environment: senses, seasons, weather, animals, countries, and transportation.

Skills Development
Throughout the year the children learn their shapes, colors,how to use scissors, and how to develop the small and large motor skills. The children also learn to connect the dots,connect the dots by number, and then color by number.

Our goal for each child is to write (print) his/her name and several small words. Children begin by learning how to hold their pencils, enhancing their small motor skills. They progressively learn to write each letter, both capital and little,then write a blend and word.

Pre-schoolers learn the basics of art and craft concepts.They have the opportunity to enjoy art as they develop the fine motor skills needed to draw, color, cut, paste, and even paint. The monthly projects introduce our students to basic art and craft concepts, and correlate with academics, Bible teaching and the changes of the season.