Using ACSI Bible curriculum, the students not only learn Bible stories but life applications. The daily lessons teach about the importance of treating others with respect, kindness, and gentle words, along with lessons about missions and children in other countries. They also memorize 26 Bible verses, where to find them in the Bible, and what they mean.

Phonics is the foundation of good reading. The students start by learning the short vowel sounds. As they are introduced to each consonant sound, they learn to blend it with the vowels they already learned. Once they have mastered the blending of two sounds, they are given the end sound. Quickly, they discover that they are now reading! Shortly, they are introduced to two vowels and special sounds.

Once the students are sounding our and blending words, they are put into small reading groups with other students at their own level. Each student has a set of 12 readers starting at sounding and blending individual word and progressing to sentences and finally stories. Each group is allowed to progress at their own pace. Lots of review for those needing it and challenges for the ones that are ready. Fluency and the love of reading is key.

The students learn to print each letter as it is introduced in the Phonics lesson. They are taught the proper formation of the letter and correct way to hold their pencil. As they learn to read sentences, they also learn to write them.

Number Skills
Students start by learning number recognition, counting, counting objects, and progress to addition combinations up to 10, subtraction up to 10, counting pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters and combinations of coins. They count by 2’s, 5’s, 10’s and 25’s. They learn to tell time to the quarter hour, solving story problems, sequencing and patterning.

The students not only learn from the textbook, but also hands on with magnifying glasses, raising butterflies from caterpillars, watching seeds grow, learning how plants drink, and other exciting projects, They learn about weather, seasons, and seasonal changes. They discover God’s great Hand in our world.

The students learn about the importance of hand washing, brushing teeth, getting enough rest and exercise, as well as the covering of a cough or sneeze. They also learn about their 5 senses and using those senses to stay safe.

Music and Motion
The students have fun learning songs and doing motions to the songs. The songs also have lessons such as: how God takes the yucky stuff (sin) out of us and lets us shine His light, and God made you the way you are and that’s wonderful.

Social Skills
The children learn how to recognize someone’s feelings by their body language, steps to calm yourself, and what to do to resolve a conflict. They participate in a discussion of how someone’s actions make others feel.

Art is also crafts. The children do projects such as: collages from cutting pictures from magazines, chalk drawings, painting, etc.


The Ark by Easton

The Ark by Easton