5th grade

Spiritual training is of the utmost importance. Lessons center on building character and living out a life of faith. Fifth graders work on memorizing Scripture and becoming familiar with using God’s Word. Every student is encouraged to develop a loving and personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Language and Reading
Students study sentence structure, punctuation, capitalization rules, and parts of speech. A strong emphasis is placed on creative writing, while self-expression is encouraged through the many opportunities given for original written works.

Reading lessons focus on good oral presentation of the written language, comprehension, and vocabulary. An appreciation of poetry and quality literature is our goal.

A book report is assigned every month and a home project is to be completed. 

Each daily lesson is broken down into speed tests, review of previously taught material, hands on instruction time, class practice, and finally individual mastery. Topics covered in the fifth grade are; addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, basic geometry, measurements, time, money, and decimals, basic algebra and graphing. Fifth graders learn to use a calculator as they solve story problems that link math to real life situations. 

Excellence in handwriting is promoted in every subject. A daily lesson focuses on proper letter formation, spacing, and neatness. 

Students review spelling rules through a weekly spelling list. Dictionary skills, vocabulary, and phonics keys are taught throughout each weekly lesson. Applying spelling words to practical writing is a goal of our curriculum.

History and Geography
Instruction in map reading, as well as, general knowledge of the geography of the world is taught daily.

History is examined from a biblical, Christian perspective. Students explore ancient history from Creation to the beginning of civilization and on into the Middle Ages.

Fifth grade science uses God’s Word and biblical perspective to interpret the world of science. Experiments, demonstrations, and hands-on activities are woven throughout each unit.

Students learn the importance of healthy eating and exercise. A study of a healthy spiritual life takes center stage. Students learn the names of the major bones and muscles of the human body.

Becoming familiar with the basics of computer technology and proper keyboarding is the goal of our weekly lessons. Students are taught through highly entertaining games and fun challenges.

Through a study of history’s great artists the fifth grader builds their knowledge of art and learns to appreciate many different styles of art. Art projects give students a chance to explore their own creative talents. Students are encouraged to share their art with the community.