3rd Grade


Each day begins with prayer and Bible class. We cover the Hebrews as slaves in Egypt, the ten plagues, the Passover, the Hebrews leaving Egypt, God showing His Holiness, God giving the Law, the Golden Calf, the tabernacle, and the death of Moses. Each week a portion of Scripture in sent home to memorize. We cover Ephesians 6:11-20 (The Armor of God), Psalm 119:9-16 (The excellency of God’s Word), and 1John 4:7-14 (Love)

Phonics and Language

Students will recognize declarative, interrogative and exclamatory sentences. They will learn to capitalize words in sentences such as proper nouns, initials, and holidays. They will learn to use commas to set off names in direct address, separate words in a series, separate cities from states, and separate parts of a date. Students will learn to use apostrophe and s to show possession. They will learn to use quotation marks. They will learn to form plurals of words that change spelling. They will learn to use words such as may and can, to, too and two, there, their and they’re correctly. They will learn subjects, verbs, and adjectives, and diagramming simple sentences. They will learn about different genres of books and do reports on books they have read. They will also have opportunity to do creative writing.


Weekly spelling tests focus on specific phonetic patterns. Third grade students will have the opportunity to skip the test on Friday, if they get 100% on the practice test Thursday. The top two spellers will compete in the ACSI district Spelling Bee.


Students will learn multiplication and division tables through the 12s. They will learn the steps in doing long division and how to check by multiplying. They will learn to solve multi-step story problems, and how to convert measurements. They will have daily drills to sharpen their skills.


Students receive detailed teaching of upper and lower case cursive letters. The penmanship papers have useful information about all of the 50 states, positive character traits, and facts about various animals.

Science (first semester)

Subjects covered are plants: photosynthesis, pollination, fungi, and moss, animals: invertebrates, vertebrates, mammals, cold and warm blooded, amphibians, reptiles, fish, birds, and insects. We also have a unit on the solar system. Many exciting interactive experiences allow students to thoroughly explore these topics.

History (second semester)

The focus is on famous American men and women whose lives have contributed to our country. Multimedia is used when available to add interest and excitement. The Christian faith of many of these men and women is explored.

Sign Language (third semester)*

Students learn more than 100 signs including: the manual alphabet, numbers, colors, animals, and foods. They also learn various other nouns, pronouns, and verbs.

 Health (third semester)*

Focus is on healthy habits and food choices. The food groups are explained and studied. Students have hands-on food experiences with healthy snacks and recipes. They learn about how where food comes from and how it is processed. Good manners and politeness is also covered.

 (*Taught on alternate years.)