2nd grade


Each day begins with prayer and Bible class. We cover creation, the first sin, God promising a Savior, The Israelites in slavery, God preparing Moses as a leader, trusting God’s promises and the promise of Heaven. 

Phonics and Language
Students will continue to learn phonics sounds as an aid to good reading. Students will recognize and be able to write a complete sentence, a question, and an exclamation. They will learn and use prefixes and suffixes. They will work with rhyming words, compound words, singular and plural words, contractions, possessive words, and putting words in alphabetical order. They will also have opportunity to do creative writing.

Weekly spelling tests focus on specific phonetic patterns. By the third trimester, the tests will include three vocabulary words that students will use in sentences. The top two spellers will compete in the ACSI district Spelling Bee.

Students will learn addition and subtraction families to 18, counting by multiples, multiplication and division to table 5, place value, carrying to ten thousands, subtraction with borrowing, money counting, thermometers, graphs, geometric shapes, calendar and time, solving story problems, rounding, fractions, and measurements.

Students receive detailed teaching of upper and lower case cursive letters. The penmanship papers coordinate with the phonics curriculum.

Subjects covered are soil, earth’s layers, hands-on rock classification, fossils, volcanoes, types of clouds, types of precipitation, the water cycle, the atmosphere, types of severe weather, and hands-on predicting and measuring the weather.

The focus is on famous American men and women whose lives have contributed to our country. Multimedia is used when available to add interest and excitement. The Christian faith of many of these men and women is explored.

Sign Language 
Students learn more than 100 signs including: the manual alphabet, numbers, colors, animals, and foods. They also learn various other nouns, pronouns, and verbs.

Focus is on healthy habits and food choices. The food groups are explained and studied. Students have hands-on food experiences with healthy snacks and recipes. They learn about how where food comes from and how it is processed. Good manners and politeness is also covered.