1st grade


Angel by Faith

The year begins at the Creation and works through the familiar stories and major characters of the Old Testament. The rest of the year focuses on the Life of Jesus. This engaging Bible curriculum includes scripture memorization, stories, visuals, hands-on activities, skits, crafts, songs, and life applications. The children pray daily for each other, and offer prayers for their families, communities, and the world.

Phonics & Reading
Throughout the course of the year, first-graders will review and learn short and long vowel sounds, and the special sounds from 9 charts that will quickly build their reading skills. They will learn about rhyming words, compound words, sentences versus phrases, syllables, contractions, root words, alphabetical order, prefixes, changing ‘y’ to ‘i’ before adding suffixes, syllable word division, and homonyms.

Our language curriculum is designed to increase thinking skills, improve reading comprehension, and develop creative writing ability. By the end of the year, the first grader will be able to write in complete sentences; capitalize the first word of a sentence and of the days and months; place a period at the end of a sentence; know and use suffixes and prefixes; and alphabetize words.

Our spelling coordinates with our Phonics program. Children learn rules and special sounds helpful for spelling common words. Our spelling tests are once a week with 15 words per list.

Using delightful themes and full-color illustrations, our arithmetic curriculum presents concepts in an orderly manner, building on prior learning and including consistent year-long review. Concepts include counting by 1’s, 2’s, 3’s, 5’s, and 10’s and 25’s, writing and reading numbers, understanding place value, knowing addition and subtraction facts up to 13. Children with learn about temperature, the calendar, telling time to 5 minute increments, measurements in yards, feet, inches & centimeters, counting money (pennies, nickels, dimes & quarters), graphs, and fractions. Applications to real world situations and daily Thinking Caps stretch students’ thinking ability.

First graders begin the year with a review of printing letters in manuscript. We then progress to teaching proper formation, slant, and spacing of cursive letters. Daily practice in handwriting also reviews what the student is learning in phonics, beginning with single letters and progressing to blends, special sounds, and words. It is always amazing to see that first graders can learn to write in cursive and they do quite well at it!

The science text God’s World is a simple, exciting introduction to God’s universe and God’s plan for the children’s lives. We study the five senses, sun, moon, stars and planets; pushes and pulls; roots, stems, and leaves; matter; insects and spiders. We do fun experiments and hands on learning.

History/Social Studies
The History curriculum teaches students about the heritage of America, its flag, freedom, symbols, and great people. Children learn the patriotic songs, landmarks, and traditions of our country. Study then moves to various countries of the world, taking a look at their cultures and traditions.

Students learn about art and artists of all kinds, from modern & abstract to photo realism. Students learn basic skills through a variety of projects, including coloring, painting, tracing, cutting, drawing, and gluing. We also try to give experience in various mediums; watercolor, tempera paints, clay, pastels, chalk, etc. Art often correlates with current subjects we are studying, holidays and seasons.